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My screenplay, ISAK AI, based on my novel, was named a Script Finalist at  The New York Independent Film Festival in September. It is archived.

ISAK AI  (the novel) is published and available at the usual outlets -- Amazon, B&N, special orders at any bookstore, or the publisher,  Cosmic Egg/John Hunt Publishing.  Go to "Books 2" page on this website and click on the "Buy It" button, and this will take you to my titles on Amazon. You won't automatically be buying unless you want to. Check my blog for synopses of all my books.  The older books are often discounted on Amazon.

A poem, "Driveway," appears in the online November issue of Slant, one of my favorite poetry journals.


2 poems, "Habitat" & "Storm Troopers" appear under pen name Quito Regalo, in California Quarterly, vol. 49, No. 1, Spring 2023: 30, 37.

A poem called "Now" appears in Issue 16 of Inflectionist Review, online at .

A chapbook of poems, THAW, can be ordered from the publisher by clicking on: .  Also available on Amazon.

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