ISAK AI will be published by Cosmic Egg/John Hunt Publishing either in  December, 2022 or January 1, 2023. (The publisher changes the date.) It should be available for pre-order a couple of months before that. Actually, it appears on Amazon now. . . Check my blog for synopses of all my books. A more detailed synopsis of this book will appear closer to the publication date. 

"Thaw," a poetry chapbook, will be published by Finishing Line Press on January 1, 2023. It's currently available for pre-ordering at

A poem, "I Saw Tahoe Burning" appears in the current issue of Crosswinds Poetry Journal, vol. VIII, 2022: 105.  

"Intention, Piety & Mode in Flannery O'Connor" (an essay) appears in the current issue of Flannery O'Connor Review, vol. 20 (2022): 1-14.

The Veteran was a 2021 Category Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award, reaching the top 10% of registrants. 

The Veteran is available in paperback and kindle from or . Also from the publisher at . Bookstores can also special order it. 


600ppm is available from the publisher at or from or . It can also be special ordered at any bookstore.